A must see destination of the world.

A lush tropic paradise on the south-west Malabar Coast, it’s no wonder Kerala is such a draw-card for travellers. The 1000’s of kilometers of waterways give a refreshing break from the constant stream of humanity.

Some quick facts about Kerala: as a state it has the highest literacy rate in India and also the highest life expectancy. Around 33 million people populate the state, and they all speak the beautiful Malayalam language. Kerala is also home to largest population of domesticated elephants in India. The locals refer to their tropic state as “God’s own country”.

Kerala is known as the spice capital of the world.

It’s spice trading can be dated back to around three thousand years. Pepper is the king of Kerala’s spices followed by cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg, mace and ginger. It also happens to be the place to go for coconuts. With all these delicious foods growing here, one can only imagine how flavoursome the cuisine is.

Houseboats are one of the main attractions of Kerala.

This comes as no surprise considering the vast waterways. They are huge barges, remodelled to include all the creature comforts you desire. They are for leisure, and certainly you’ll feel leisurely as you slowly float along the clear waters of Kerala. The houseboats give you access to sights you might otherwise miss out on, breathtaking views and insight in to rural Kerala. All without moving from your seat. It’s an experience like no other, truly unforgettable.

Kerala - ‘God’s own country’

Ayurveda is also hugely popular in Kerala.

Considered a mainstream form of healing rather than an alternative, Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicine in the world. There is absolute dedication when it comes to the practice of Ayurveda in Kerala, dedication that surpasses all of the other Indian states.

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For entertainment you can’t go past the traditional dance-drama of Kathakali. The performances are a visual spectacular; the extravagant costumes and elaborate makeup will leave you in awe. There is no dialogue in Kathakali, everything is relayed to you by detailed gestures and body movements. Started in the 17th Century it has only refined itself with time. It requires immense concentration and physical stamina but as an audience member it appears to be an effortless flow of dancing. Originating in Kerala you won’t find better performances of Kathakali anywhere in the world!

The beauty of this state will truly capture your heart. It’s not hard to see why Kerala is in the top 50 destinations of the world. So come and rediscover yourself in beautiful South India.

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