Ganges Aarti

Many rewards await those willing to venture into the crazy chaotic ‘land of the Gods.’

India is like no other place on earth. From it’s ancient civilization, fabulous varied architecture and breath-taking scenery to it’s spiritual obsession and it’s vibrating, colourful aliveness, India will rock your core.

She will make you laugh so much and also make you cry. If you are open-minded, you will come back changed in some way.

Having been to many countries around the world, I can honestly say that no other has affected me like India. After my first visit, I could not wait to get back there. I was hooked; so much so that I started a tour business there. I had had a profound transformation and wanted to share this amazing land with others and also to spend as much time there, as possible. And so I had a dramatic change of career and have spent most of the last 10 years living and working in India or working on my Indian tour business here in Australia, constantly developing new and fabulous tours.

My passion for India became my work. My work became my passion.

People have often asked me over the years, what is my favourite thing in India, a question I had trouble answering, as it was hard to pinpoint just one thing.

When I had time to reflect on this question, I finally came up with a satisfactory reply – ‘The experience of travelling in India is one of amazement, wonder, and complete aliveness. What I love the most is that each time I go to India, I leave a better person – more humble, patient, grateful and compassionate. India helps me to become a freer thinker and more in-tune with myself and others. Beautiful India!”

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