Nepal, a gorgeous, sprawling country in South Asia has a huge list of stunning attractions ‘not to be missed’.

Here are just a few….The Annapurna Mountains, a breathtaking section of the Himalayan mountain range, has some of the highest mountains in the world and the area is full of amazing treks and quaint attractive villages. The Annapurna Conservation Area became the first and largest conserved area in Nepal.Mt Everest Base Camp also attracts thousands of trekkers and thrill seekers, year after year. It takes about 6 days of solid trekking to reach the base camp. You’d also have to allow rest days to acclimatise to the dizzying heights of 5,300m. Wow!Why visit Nepal

The sleepy town of Pokhara is the third largest city in Nepal and is only 20 klms from the Annapurna range. As you can imagine, the proximity to the mountains provides awe-inspiring views. One of the other big attractions of this town is Phewa Lake. A serene placid lake, surrounded by white-capped mountains and forests full of monkeys, it is no wonder this is described as one of Nepal’s most beautiful towns.Bhaktapur was once the largest Newari Kingdom in the Kathmandu valley. A World Heritage Site, Bhaktapur has one of the best preserved Palace courtyards and other beautiful architecture and artwork. Bhaktapur literally translates to ‘place of devotees’.Kathmandu, the chaotic capital of Nepal, has a multitude of must-see sites. The Sway- ambhunath Buddhist Temple is a sacred site located on a hilltop overlooking the city. It has 350 steps to the top and is worth every drop of sweat! Also found in the city is one of the largest stupas in the world, the Boudhanath Stupa, where you can join the locals to circumambulate the holy shrine. And if you find yourself needing a quiet place to sit and relax then hopefully you’ll stumble across the Garden of Dreams, a walled garden close to the former Royal Palace. These are a just a few of the city’s wonderful features.In addition to the above, this stunningly perse and beautiful country has many other wonderful sights to experience. Come and explore with us on our wonderful ‘Heart of Nepal’ tour or ‘Volunteering & Cultural Nepal’ tour.

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