Millions of people enjoy a good cup of tea, any time of the day, every day of the week! Not only is it delicious and aromatic but it also has many health benefits. But while you’re sitting and sipping your tea, do you ever think of how that tea came to be in your cup? India and Sri Lanka are two of the top five tea exporting countries in the world! It is believed that tea originated in China as a medicinal drink, and exploded in popularity in the 17th century for the British Empire. Since then the export and import of tea only continues to grow annually.

India is considered to produce some of the best tea in the world. In fact it produces 23% of the world’s tea. It has always been a consistent global tea hub and exports about 200,000 tonnes internationally. There are lots of beautiful tea plantations you can visit in India, the most popular being Darjeeling. Darjeeling alone produces about a quarter of India’s tea and is also a beautiful place to visit. The town is in northeast India and set among the Himalayas. Next up is the region of Assam, once again in the northeast. What sets this region apart is that it is the largest tea producer in the whole country, and is known as the ‘tea capital of the world’. These are only two among many tea regions in India. The air up in the mountains is crisp and the scenery is gorgeous. Come for the tea and stay for the experience.


Sri Lanka exports about 300,000 tonnes of tea a year; it is a major income source for the country’s economy.
Tea seems to thrive in the cool and humid climate of Sri Lanka. 23% of the world’s total tea export is provided by Sri Lanka, that’s a lot of leaf! Perhaps the most renowned tea from Sri Lanka is Dilmah.The headquarters are just outside Colombo and you can do tea-tastings there while you sit among the leafy surroundings. The Ceylon tea trails are also very popular. The biggest producers are Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, in the central province. Most of these plantations date back to the late 1800s. You can tour the tea factories in both Sri Lanka and India to see just how the tea is made. Ceylon black tea is a signature of Sri Lanka and I would suggest it is best enjoyed over there.

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