India offers a spectacular mix of cultural and geographic diversity, making it one of the most special places on earth. From calm, sweeping landscapes to bustling technology-rich cities, India is a nation where history and contemporary collide.

India has the power to touch the spirit, ignite the imagination, humble and empower.

Still unconvinced?

Here are 7 wonderful reasons why you should visit India once in your lifetime, and then keep going back:


From breathtaking monuments such as the Taj Mahal, to pristine beaches, mountains and forests – India is a living piece of art. The beauty of the country is not lost on its people either, who are often decorated in exuberant clothing and jewellery. This beauty of the Indian people also comes from ‘within’ with their enthusiastic friendliness, warm-hearted hospitality and spiritual sincerity. India simply must be experienced.


A melting pot of different cultures and beliefs, the diversity of India’s people is astounding. Home to many major religions, India is also the originating country of Hinduism and Buddhism. Despite such variety, the nation’s people maintain an inspiring sense of unity. This is regularly witnessed at spectacular religious festivals, where thousands come to celebrate.


As you’d expect, a country with a history spanning thousands of years has an incredible story to offer its visitors. India’s story is one of invasion, religious inception, epic love stories, mistakes, conquests, innovation and unyielding tradition. It is a history which clearly lingers in the country, immortalised by sacred buildings, monuments and landscapes. It is a history which, once learned, will never leave you.



Of all the ways you can experience India, connecting with the country through its food is surely one of the best. India provides one of the most awakening culinary experiences imaginable. Sometimes hot, usually colourful, but always wonderful – whether you are sampling the addictive street food or dining in one of the many eclectic restaurants.

Indian cuisine will take your palate on an adventure. When you travel India with Touch of Spirit Tours, we can also help you tap into India’s famous medicinal food knowledge. You will learn new and valuable skills about how to use food for healing, which can be applied to everyday life. Whatever your reason for visiting India, our tours bring you up close and personal with all that is wonderful, mysterious (and delicious!) in this varied landscape. View our current brochures and find out which journey best suits you, then contact us and make an enquiry today.




Brace yourself – India is famous for rocking its visitors to the core, and it is little wonder why. This astonishing land provides the perfect backdrop for personal change to take place. Many travellers leave India with a new and profound sense of clarity and humility. From the rumble of the major cities to the quiet depths of a Tibetan Monastery, inspiration takes many forms in this varied land and Touch of Spirit Tours helps you discover it.


There is no doubting that India is an emerging world power. With the second largest population in the world, and the largest democracy – India is quickly gaining the world’s attention. Growing rapidly across many sectors such as global politics, technology, sport and entertainment – right now is a very exciting time to visit the blossoming country.

Travel India with Touch of Spirit Tours

We think that this reason alone should entice most people to travel India, although we are a little biased! In all seriousness, the sheer size, complexity and diversity of India means an expert guide is vital to help you find your way through. Touch of Spirit Tours has helped visitors tap into the best of India for almost ten years and continues to provide tours that offer authentic experiences of this beautiful, wonder-filled country, as well as various life-enhancing health and wellness education programs.