We would love you to join us as our tour leader takes us through a day on our Beauty Unwound Textile Tour in India… 7.30 – wake up in Bhuj, the textile capital of India (located in the state of Gujarat).

8.30 – we enjoy a delicious breakfast of poha (pressed rice with vegies and spices), fresh mixed fruit, sweet lime juice and masala chai.

9.30 – Setting off for our first taste of the rich and varied textiles of the Kutch area, firstly we visit Shrujen for a wonderful display of embroidered and tie-dyed articles. Shrujen is a women’s cooperative organizing and selling the crafts of approximately 3000 local women from different villages to encourage and sustain the wonderful handicraft talents and traditions of the region.

Then on to Ajrakhpur village to see vegetable dying of fabrics and hand block-printing with a great explanation of the processes by Sufiyan whose family has been involved in this work since the 17th century. We are amazed by the intricacies of the dying and hand block printing processes. Later we enjoy a morning chai while perusing the wonderful items available for sale.

Village ladies

12.00ish – Off to Bhujodi village to visit some spinning and weaving families and see demonstrations of pit loom weaving and spinning. We have another chai with a weaving family – such nice hospitality. There are some great little shops here as well, all selling the village wares.

Around 2.00 – We reluctantly leave the shops and head back to town for a delicious tali lunch. A large tray with many small pots of tasty delicacies including dahl, various vegetables, paneer, curries, raita, sweet rice pudding, vegetable kofta (dumplings) served with rice, pappadams and chappatis…..these are constantly topped up as desired…..Superb! Hmmm there is even a nice little shop in the hotel lobby where we manage to find more lovely crafts to buy…’how can we resist at these prices?’

Textiles India

After lunch we visi the fascinating Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal palaces, partially ruined by earthquake. There we meet and chat with some lovely Tribal women (via our Indian guide).

Around 6pm – we head back to town to visit the colourful bazaar situated in atmospheric narrow winding alleys. No-one hassles us to buy in this very authentic (non-touristy) bazaar. We reach the small stores selling beautifully designed gold and silver jewellery – such exquisite glittery pieces at local prices. We also find many intricate antique embroidered pieces…..what a treasure trove.

As we drive around during the day, we chuckle at and are amazed by colourfully clad woman carrying big pots on their heads, herds of extra-large goats, whole families together on one motor bike, the ubiquitous wandering or resting cows, an impossibly large, bright orange setting-sun, vividly decorated and tassled trucks, chaotic darting traffic, funny signs, numerous roadside food stalls selling all sorts of unusual edibles. What is this amazing crazy land?

8.00 back to our hotel for another yummy dinner (I decide on lentil kitcheree with a yogurt curry sauce). Followed by a well-deserved sleep, dreaming of days to come.

Thank you for taking the time to share this day on our tour. If you are tempted to join us for an unforgettable journey we have a few spaces remaining on our textile tour departing February 8th 2015. Contact us for details of our New Year offer! 1300 722 932

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