Transform yourself by learning how to incorporate the eternal principles of Ayurveda into your life in simple, effective ways. This ancient health system or ‘science of life’, teaches you the best foods to eat for your body type, the most effective ways to lose weight, how to boost your energy levels and how to prevent and manage disease. You will learn the best ways to purify and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Commencing from Chennai on 2nd January 2019, this amazing 14-day journey includes some of South India’s best sights, a 36-hour course in Ayurveda, an in-depth consultation and a 3-day stay at a tranquil sea-side healing centre. You will visit astonishing 7th century rock carvings, Ramana Maharshi’s ashram and the caves where Ramana lived for a third of his life, the holy mountain – Arunachula and other wonderful sacred sites. Experience ‘India waking’ as you tread the mountain path in the early morning to catch a glimpse of the ‘real India’ behind the scenes.

This tour provides a wonderful life-changing opportunity.


Day One

Arrive in Chennai and transfer to a lovely beach resort in Mamallapuram, a vibrant fishing town. Overnight Mamallapuram

Day Two

Take it easy today with a group meeting after breakfast and a visit to the town. Enjoy some free time to relax by the resort’s beachside pool, enjoy a massage, browse the shops or perhaps go for a stroll on the beach. In the late afternoon we take part in a guided tour of seventh century world heritage monuments. Overnight Mamallapuram

Day Three to Day Ten

Enjoy a scenic drive to Tiruvannamalai, the spiritual heart of South India. Over the next week you will learn about the world’s most ancient health system, Ayurveda, and how to apply these simple principles to your life. You will also visit Sri Ramana’s ashram for vedic chanting, the ancient temple, the caves and the holy mountain Arunachula, as well as enjoying satsang with a local resident. Overnight Tiruvannamalai

Day Eleven to Day Thirteen

Transfer to Pondicherry for a relaxing stay at one of Auroville’s lovely healing centres. Enjoy the fabulous healing therapies available as well as the delicious organic food. Visit the Matri Mandir meditation centre and enjoy a guided tour of the charming town of Pondicherry. Overnight Auroville

Day Fourteen

Transfer to Chennai for your departure flight (evening). In the afternoon we have guided tour of Chennai’s sights.

Additional Information

Your 14-day experience includes air-conditioned travel, all accommodation, all excursions, all entrance fees, local guides, some meals, drinking water, guide tips, ayurvedic course and indepth consultation.

Price $3790 per person twin share.

(Single supplement $980)

Ayurveda Course

This comprehensive course covers the following topics –

History and Fundamental Myth of Ayurveda

The Five Elements: Panchamahabhutas – the language of Ayurveda

The Law of Karma: Ayurveda is a consideration of the Law of Karma in terms of health and disease

The principles of Ayurveda in Nature

The Doshas: a consideration of the elements in terms of the human body

The Cause and Cure of Disease: According to Ayurveda

Fate and Free Will: Both are taken into account. How could this be true? The ‘hole’ in the Universe and ‘how’Ayurveda works

Limitation: Ayurveda distinguishes ‘limitations’ that are unique and beneficial. Without limitation there can be no freedom

Dynamics of the Elements: Sankhya and the Three Gunas

Agni: Transformative Fire – A fundamental principle of life and Ayurveda

Ama: the result of poorly transformed or digested food – toxicity

Samprapti: the stages of Disease

The Importance of Vidya or knowledge

The Elemental qualities of our environment

Food: How to know what to eat? Person, Time, Place, Season, etc

The Doshas Again: What Dosha are you?

Summary Considerations

About Peter Malakoff

Peter has been involved with Vedic Studies for the last 45 years. He was initiated as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1972 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and taught TM for many years, including lectures to the US Army and the Strategic Air Command. At the suggestion of Maharishi he studied Vedic Sanskrit for 4 years obtaining a BA in Religious Studies from UCSB in with honors, specialising in Hinduism and Buddhism. During that time he received a scholarship to study with Buckminster Fuller.

In 2004 he completed his Ayurvedic formal studies in India with Dr. Sunil Joshi, a world-renowned Ayurvedic Physician and Panchakarma Specialist receiving an Ayurvedic Sadhana Padavika Diploma from the Kalidas Sanskrit University of the State of Maharashtra, India – the first such program for Westerners ever offered by an Indian University.

Peter founded an Organic Ghee Company (Ancient Organics) in the SF Bay area and in 2011 started an organic dairy and creamery in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Peter is a comprehensivist rather than a specialist. He writes and speaks on a variety of topics including Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Eastern and Western philosophy, world mythology, Buckminster Fuller, the Bhagavad-Gita, Vedanta, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, world history and many other topics. For the last six years he has been living in India. For more information please go to his website:

For bookings and enquires call 1300 722 932 or email

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