Touch of Spirit Tours offers authentic, in-depth experiences of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tibet. We specialise in small group tours, which enables us to take you behind the scenes to interact with local people in their everyday lives. Our tours have the power to enrich your life and inspire you.

Dates for the diary

Touch of Spirit Tours run a selection of tours each year. For a full list of tour dates for next season click here.

What does my tour involve?

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Why go to India?

India offers a spectacular mix of cultural and geographical diversity, making it one of the most fascinating places on earth. From calm, sweeping landscapes to bustling, chaotic cities, India is a nation where history and contemporary collide. This amazing, colourful land has the power to touch the spirit, ignite the imagination, empower and humble.

What about Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka literally means ‘splendid island’ and it certainly lives up to its name! This amazing little land is so compact and yet is bursting with cultural richness, stunning, diverse landscapes, fabulous sacred sites and intriguing history. If you would like to experience a wonderful land and culture without much hassle or shock, stay in beautiful heritage hotels and resorts with sprawling gardens and lovely swimming pools, then Sri Lanka may just be the place for you!




What do they say about us?

Over the years, we have gathered many testimonials from people whose lives have been enriched and inspired.

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A Visit to Nepal?

Nepal is a small landlocked country nestled in between India and China. It has 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains, including the awesome Mt Everest. It’s an enchanting place filled with cultural beauty, fascinating history, amazing sacred monuments, stunning Himalayan landscapes, traditional mountain villages and warm, welcoming people. So much in such a small place! It is a wonderful country to explore the mountain trails where there are both challenging and easy treks or just to experience a fabulous cultural adventure in the charming, atmospheric towns and surrounds.

A tour of tantalizing Tibet?

Tibet is one of the most stunning and friendliest regions of the world. Here you will find breathtaking views of Himalayan mountains, peaceful river valleys, wide open plains, beautiful lakes, fabulous ancient monuments and temples and quaint attractive villages. On the “Roof of the World” you can explore a society based on nomadic herds, small-irrigated farms, isolated villages, crowded bazaars, handicrafts and picturesque Buddhist monasteries.