Why Visit Nepal?

Nepal, a gorgeous, sprawling country in South Asia has a huge list of stunning attractions ‘not to be missed’. Here are just a few….The Annapurna Mountains, a breathtaking section of the Himalayan mountain range, has some of the highest mountains in the world and the area is full of amazing […]

The History of Hinduism

Hinduism is a unique and ancient religion. Unique, because unlike all other religions, Hinduism has no date of origin or even a founder. And at over 7000 years old it is also the world’s oldest active religion. Some quick facts reveal that Hinduism is the third largest religion in the […]

A Brief History of Sri Lanka

The beautiful and perse country of Sri Lanka has a long and colourful history. The country has many different religions, ethnicities, and languages. It is affectionately called ‘the Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ owing to its teardrop shape, the natural beauty of the isle, it’s prime location and it’s friendly […]

Lhasa, Capital Of Tantilizing Tibet

Tibet is a beautifully sprawling plateau region in the People’s Republic of China, just northeast of the stunning Himalayas. Visitors fall in love with this place the moment they lay their eyes on it, and it’s not just the scenery; it’s the people, the culture and the way of life. […]

Nepal, A Fascinating History

Nepal is a small landlocked country nestled in between India and China. It has 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains, including the awesome Mt Everest. The inhabitants mainly practice Hinduism and Buddhism. Tourists mostly come to Nepal to explore the breath-taking Himalayan mountain range, but there is a lot […]

Fortified India

If you have the fortune to travel around India you will see a number of magnificent forts throughout the country. Some of these forts date back almost a 1000 years; it’s all part of the rich cultural history that makes up India. Though there are many amazing forts in India, […]

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Like most things in India, Hindu weddings are done with a little more flair and colour than you’d be used to seeing at a wedding! Marriage is very important to Hindu people, the celebrations usually last for several days and are very colourful indeed.Hindu weddings are very traditional, though of […]

Beautiful Southern Sri Lanka

Travellers heading to Sri Lanka must make sure they visit the South. At the bottom of this teardrop isle there are many beauties to behold; cave temples, national parks, lush tea plantations, historically significant sites and other hidden treasures. Galle has a beautiful natural harbour and lots of historical charm. […]