Unleash Your Creativity in North India

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Soul Journey North India

Soul Journey North India

Discover India’s astonishing cultural and spiritual richness on this wonder-filled 15-day journey through North India. Enjoy life-enhancing yoga classes and learn powerful healing techniques to help you more effectively navigate your life-path. The tour also includes talks on Ayurveda, India’s amazing ancient health system.

On this ‘Heart of Presence’ journey commencing 18th October 2019, you will learn yoga practices to open up the energy channels in the body as well as specific poses to support your vitality as you travel. The days will be filled with exploring India through her temples and ancient monuments, lively markets and mountain landscapes as well as walking through her crazy, chaotic streets.

Holistic yoga teacher, Natalie Walsh takes you on an inner healing journey in an ancient land where the spiritual mechanism that underpins all of life is still felt to be breathing. India provides the perfect backdrop for the transformation of body, mind and spirit. This wonderful tour will amaze and inspire you!

Cultural Journey Sri Lanka

An amazing 17-day journey in Sri Lanka, bursting with cultural beauty, fascinating history, wonderful sacred sites and stunning, diverse landscapes.

Commencing from Negombo, explore the former capital cities and see amazing ancient monuments. Experience the wonderful historic sights of Jaffna. Take a guided tour of Kandy, the cultural capital, and experience the atmospheric old-world charm of Galle. Marvel at the ancient cave paintings at Sigiriya Rock and the incredible stone carvings in Dambulla cave temples. Savour the lush tea plantations and waterfalls in the breathtaking mountain region. Learn about the health benefits of spices as you tour a spice plantation and enjoy a mouthwatering lunch. Enjoy the beautiful beach of Trincomalee, the interesting city of Colombo and other great sights. Along the way there are great shopping opportunities and enticing cuisine for you enjoy.

This wonderful journey will enrich and delight you.