Cultural Journey Sri Lanka

An amazing 17-day journey in Sri Lanka, bursting with cultural beauty, fascinating history, wonderful sacred sites and stunning, diverse landscapes.

Commencing from Negombo, explore the former capital cities and see amazing ancient monuments. Experience the wonderful historic sights of Jaffna. Take a guided tour of Kandy, the cultural capital, and experience the atmospheric old-world charm of Galle. Marvel at the ancient cave paintings at Sigiriya Rock and the incredible stone carvings in Dambulla cave temples. Savour the lush tea plantations and waterfalls in the breathtaking mountain region. Learn about the health benefits of spices as you tour a spice plantation and enjoy a mouthwatering lunch. Enjoy the beautiful beach of Trincomalee, the interesting city of Colombo and other great sights. Along the way there are great shopping opportunities and enticing cuisine for you enjoy.

This wonderful journey will enrich and delight you.

Authentic Communication – A Transformational Journey in South India

Sri Lanka Photography Tour

Discover Sri Lanka’s fascinating history and culture, diverse landscapes, and ancient cities and palaces using your camera’s lens as a window into this fabulous world.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to use your phone camera or are an experienced photographer with the latest lenses, you’ll broaden your photographic perspective with these eye-opening experiences…while making photography images you will love. This tour gives you a great introduction into Sri Lanka’s distinctive culture, from the outstanding ruins of the former capital cities, the stunning rock fortress of Sigiriya, to the picturesque tea plantations in the breathtaking central mountain regions. We take a guided tour of Kandy, experience the old-world charm of Galle, the amazing Buddhist murals and carvings at Dambulla Cave Temples, as well as Trincomalee’s picturesque beaches.

Group walks, short focused photography exercises, and one on one coaching are interspersed with opportunities to explore surprisingly-intact ancient monuments, colourful markets, and lush landscapes, all while meeting friendly locals.

Facilitated by Mumbai-based travel photographer Jay Weinstein, best known for his popular international photography project ‘so I asked them to smile’ (,, this tour gives beginners and intermediates a deeper insight into Sri Lanka, as well as photography knowledge and tips. It offers fabulous perspectives of architecture, landscapes and people, with a ‘behind the scenes’ look at this ancient culture.

The Heart of Central Australia

Experience 10 wonderful days in the Heart of Central Australia – the spectacular Red Centre. Highlights include some of our most famous natural landmarks – Uluru, Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon as well as Alice Springs and it’s fabulous surrounds. Learn about the culture and spirituality of the traditional owners of our land by participating in ceremonies, art classes and cultural talks. Spend half a day in nature with a Ngangkere (aboriginal healer), learn about the dreamtime and visit some wonderful sacred sites.