When we are born, we enter a world that is full of stimulation and motion. Our bodies and senses can become overwhelmed with lifestyle stresses, affecting our health. The modern world has moved further away from nature with many artificial additives in our food and drink. People are eating more and more ‘fast foods’ and taking more prescription medications, resulting in more and more disease.

One of the oldest ‘natural’ health systems in the world is Ayurveda. Originating in India, this ancient health system or ‘science of life,’ focuses on balancing health. Here is an extract from an article in the Yogi Times written by Peter Malakoff –

‘Avoiding trouble – Yoga, Ayurveda & the Law of Karma’

‘One night in Bangkok, I had dinner next to the Chao Phraya River. As I ate, all of a sudden large waves splashed against the bulkheads, some wetting my table. The waves had come as if out of nowhere. But, where did they come from? I looked out across the river and almost a mile from where I sat, was a large boat, which had passed several minutes ago. The wake from that boat was only now splashing on the shore. Some waves we expect and can foresee. Some waves come from seemingly ‘out of nowhere’. All waves, according to the law of karma, are the results of actions we have done in the past. The actions may have been forgotten, like a boat long gone down the river, but the effects of those actions will eventually show themselves in our life, splashing up unexpectedly. As many of our actions bear the fruits of future suffering, what can we do to be free of this? According to the Yoga sutras, “The suffering that has not yet come can be avoided”

As an Ayurvedic consultant, I see many people who come to me with some kind of disease. I often say to them that there is nothing we can do about the disease they presently have; it is a completely appropriate result of what they have been feeling, thinking, doing and eating. What we can do something about is creating and acting for another result. We can create balance or health and in this way the symptoms will go away. We cannot escape the law of karma, though we often try ineffectually, to oppose it. One of the ways we do this is to remove a symptom instead of removing the cause.’

When we follow Ayurveda we can regain power over our health, change the course of our karma and ‘avoid the suffering that has not yet come’.

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