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Experience the real India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Tibet by embarking on an unforgettable journey with Touch of Spirit Tours. Specialising in authentic cultural adventures, spiritual tours and healing journeys that will renew your sense of wellbeing and adventure, our tours set you on a journey that you will never want to end.

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Whether you crave amazing treks through snow-covered mountains, peaceful meals with Tibetan Monks or life-changing encounters with spiritual healers, our tours are designed to offer you the best of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Tibet.

Our specially planned programs take you off the tired tourist paths, revealing a rich and colourful culture that will leave you breathless.

Touch of Spirit Tours maintains a focus on health and wellbeing for the body, mind and spirit. Our tours offer authentic cultural experiences, unique textile tours, as well as various health and wellness programs: including yoga, meditation, ayurveda, ashram journeys and volunteering experiences.

We even offer you the option to customise your tour and create your own unique journey. Find out which tour best suits you, or let us help you make one yourself. Your journey begins here. 

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An experience of a life time. I will never forget my time in South India!


“Thank you so much for introducing me to India. It has been a wonderful experience in so many ways - the countryside, the temples, the food, the company of like-minded travellers. Your care and spirituality allowed me to open up to it all.”
Retired Psychologist
Tour: Heart of the south